Online Esports Bootcamps and Tournaments for Kids & Teens

Wizzy is an online esports coaching, tournaments, & social gaming platform designed for kids and teens. We provide young gamers with expert coaching and skill development lessons to enhance their gaming skills. When you train with a Wizzy coach, you will get personalized training and gain access to a community of up and coming gamers like yourself. 

Whether you are new to gaming and want to impress your friends with new skills or an avid gamer who wants to go pro one day, our Wizzy Coaches will help improve your skills and take your game to new heights



Live online coaching

With our Live Online Group Bootcamps, players will get expert coaching in real time and are able to see their skills progress over each class. In class, Players can chat directly with the coach as well as other players in their class .Allowing them to expand their Esports network and make new friends who share their love of gaming.

expert coaches & training

Wizzy esports coaches are top gamers, who have been hand picked for their ability to analyze young players' gaming skills, and provide them with tips and strategies to help them become a better player. We have screened and trained all of our Wizzy Coaches to insure that they are able to cultivate a safe and amazing youth esports experience.

Tournaments & leagues

Win more and put your newfound gaming skills to the test. Show off your new skills to your friends and classmates! And take your skills to the main stage by joining Wizzy Youth Esports Scrimmages, Leagues & Tournaments where you will play against other young gamers and have the chance to win prizes! You can be the next Esports MVP.

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